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Wide World Of Wrestling

Oct 17, 2019

On a special little bonus episode, Owen jumps on the phone to Australia's favourite tag-team, The IIconics!
They talk about coming home to wrestle for the WWE, introducing WWE Superstars to Australian delicacies and how much Vegemite you should put on toast. 

Sep 27, 2019

We chat to former World Heavyweight Champion, The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry!


Aug 15, 2019

 In this edition of the show, the boys sit down and talk all things stipulations. What are the best, the worst and the craziest wrestling stipulation matches of all time?

Jul 30, 2019

To kick off our new fortnightly format, the boys have come together and come up with what they think is the absolute ultimate SummerSlam match card, made up of what they believe are the best matches to ever happen at SummerSlam.
What did they pick?
Who missed out?
Are they right? Are they wrong?

Jul 29, 2019

It's been a week since MCW's flagship show, we have recovered and it's time to sit down and run through an incredible MCW event.
Simon and Owen are joined by the fantastic Rosie Di Lorenzo and the three look back on all of the highlights of the huge show.